Sound Off

Sound Off for June 29: Please donate blood when you can

A Sound Off reminds us that blood is perishable and anyone who can donate is urged to do so.
A Sound Off reminds us that blood is perishable and anyone who can donate is urged to do so. Sun Herald File

Past time

Donald J. Trump has been President of The United States of America for over five months, yet the Biloxi VA still has a plaque on the wall stating Obama is still president.


Why would anyone want to match the seafood of the South? That’s disgusting.

Here they come

Here comes the rain again and what does it bring? Why swarms of mosquitoes that breed in the ditches where our roads used to be, of course.

Me, too

I sent a Christmas card in early December to friends in Hattiesburg at the same address they have lived at for years. It was returned in mid-January as undeliverable as well.

Give blood

Life-saving blood is perishable. It cannot be stored a long time, so the resource has to be continuously replenished. I urge you to donate. It is virtually painless and takes only a few minutes. Drives are held all the time, all over. The American Red Cross app is very easy to use for finding a time and location near you.

Traffic solution

Look back at the more serious accidents on I-10 the past few months and there will be an 18-wheeler involved. Mississippi needs to consider setting two speed limits on I-10, 60 mph for large trucks and vehicles towing any type trailer, and 70 mph for privately owned vehicles. May as well limit the left lane to privately owned vehicles, too. In the long run traffic will flow better since there will be no slow-downs for accidents.

Great idea!

I loved Monday’s Sound Off (“Do this”) about changing the Vieux Marche to foot-traffic only. If one-way isn’t satisfactory, that would be a good option. But, consider the Warehouse District in NOLA. Every street is one-way, and it’s booming. Look at Fulton Street with only foot traffic for a block but four good restaurants. Instead of spending a gazillion on studying/changing to two-way traffic for a couple of blocks, encourage that type of development.

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