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Sound Off for Tuesday, June 27: Pizza rivals

Will Mississippi pizza ever compare to New York’s?
Will Mississippi pizza ever compare to New York’s?

Pizza rivals

Will Mississippi ever top New York and Chicago when it comes to pizza?

Proper solution

We the people who live on the Coast love our beaches and appreciate the revenue it brings from visitors who also enjoy our beaches? Why can’t the people in charge understand that the solution to stop the erosion of our sand beaches is to remove the sand from the upper portion of the sea wall and replace it on the beach. This positive action would replenish our beaches; it would keep most of the sand off of the highway and it would keep visitors returning.

Do you jobs

Dear House and Senate: Early in our history, legislators were part-time public servants. Volunteering at great personal sacrifice. They had businesses, families, farms and life to maintain so they could go to Congressional sessions, which were punctuated for the travel and weather of the period. Now you are a full-time employee with generous benefits. Stay and get the people’s work done.

Way to go, OS

Congratulations to the City of Ocean Springs for standing tall in the face of 17.4 inches of water. I don’t know where it went, but the utility department should get the day off with pay. Also, a big thanks to Singing River Electric. With all the rain and wind, we never lost a minute of power. Thanks, everyone.

Thank you!

Thank you to the kind shopper who turned in the purse that I left in my cart at the Ocean Springs Walmart. Another reason why I love Mississippi and her people.

Own it

Businesses that support HB 1523 should be forced to publicly disclose the fact they do, so the rest of us can know where our money is going. Any business that supports this law will not get a single penny of my money.

Ought to be a law

I think we should ban tattoos above the neckline. Partly because of the danger to the vital blood vessels in the neck, but mainly because of the impact on future employment opportunities for those getting them.

Which is right?

Wouldn’t the correct plural for the pageant ladies be Misses Mississippi and not Miss Mississippis?

This will fix it

Want a fair and workable health care bill? Want to end the problems associated with Social Security? Require Congress to be a part of both.

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