Sound Off

Sound Off for June 25: Do we need a state lottery to help fund education?

My hope

I sure hope they get the beaches cleaned up just in time for the Fourth of July and all the fireworks that mess it up again.

Here we go . . .

Ugh! Now it starts again. Cruisin’ then Spring Break and now yet another week of traffic gridlock and fossil fuel show off on U.S. 90. It’s enough to make residents sick.

Love it

Didn’t like Obamacare? You’re going to love Trumpcare. A poor state like ours will feel the pain even more, because it hurts low-income people, the handicapped, the elderly and women.

Like this?

So we want a state lottery for education. What happened to the gambling revenues that were for education? Sounds like our lawmakers want to take that money also, just like the BP money. General fund?

Forgot about us

Congress has rendered the federal government completely dysfunctional. The Democrats agenda is only to rid themselves of Trump, and the Republicans are doing everything in their power to aid and abet that agenda. Both parties have completely forgotten why we sent them to Washington in the first place.

Pot, kettle

The GOP is not doing anything different than the Dems did when they passed the Obamacare bill. All you have to do is look up what Pelosi said when she was speaker of the House. She said in front of Congress “Lets pass this bill so we can read it and find out what is in it.” Nothing is any different now than it was then with exception is that the Dems can’t get over losing the election. They need to look at the Congressional race in Georgia, they might learn something.

My choice

I would never spend money at a business that would turn away a person just for who they love. It’s not a store owner’s personal business who someone loves, but it is their right to turn away anyone’s business. It’s also my right to ask when I walk in the door if the business supports this law. If so I won’t patronize any of them. I am very choosy who I support with my money, and I support those who support all.

Beach tips

Thank you, beach employees. People don’t realize the time crews spend on the beach putting sand on it and keeping it clean. A little help from all could make their job a little easier. Please be advised, “don’t go barefoot on the beach.”All sorts of things are in sand — broken glass being one. Enjoy the beach. Take precautions to protect yourself. Places in the water used to have drop-offs. Watch small children. Take extra care crossing U.S. 90; cars are coming fast, and the sidewalk and highways are hot.

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