Sound Off

Sound Off for Tuesday, June 20: School testing can be improved

Waste of time

If you’re not hiring, don’t waste my time on an interview.

Ponder this

Why do people get paid for being late?

Do right

The graduation-required state tests should be eliminated and replaced with the ACT exam. The state pays millions of dollars for state testing and then, as reported this week, there are errors in scoring; unacceptable. Currently, my school (4x4 block) administers state tests over 20 days each school year. That is a lot of lost instruction. ACT testing would only require one day, plus one or two more for make-ups. And the state would save millions of dollars. The state education board needs to stop wasting tax money and do what’s best for our students.

Gun control

I will tell you what gun control advocates want: universal background checks. From one state to the other the laws are different. That is not right. Gun shows should not sell guns. Most of these people have access to stores, and that is where they should buy them. Internet sales of guns should end.

Pay up

My next-door neighbor has been living there for about one year now. Two cars in the driveway, one has a Florida tag, the other has a North Carolina tag. It would be nice if they started paying for Mississippi tags instead of out of state, which is probably cheaper.

Right move

Hats off to President Trump for reigning in the Obama administration plan to normalize relations with the Cuba’s repressive and totalitarian communist regime. Not one dime to aid the Castro regime — which is where all the money will go. When the Castros are all gone and free, democratic elections are held — then and only then, should we normalize relations.


I’m sure Nancy Pelosi is sincere when she says she hopes Trump will have a successful presidency. I feel the same. However, we — or undoubtedly anyone else — can’t keep Trump from shooting himself in the foot, not even his daughter.

Enjoy it?

The USPS delivered a package of food I paid for to someone else. I don’t understand why you didn’t give the package back to the Post Office after you realized you got something with someone else’s name on it. Hope you enjoyed your free food.

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