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Sound Off for June 19: We love our home-delivered newspaper in recyclable packaging

A look at the evolution of a Mississippi newspaper from 1884 to now

The Sun Herald has evolved from a newspaper that started with a hand press in 1884 to a digital news company covering the Mississippi Coast.
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The Sun Herald has evolved from a newspaper that started with a hand press in 1884 to a digital news company covering the Mississippi Coast.

Not about guns

When people say we need gun control, what is it they really mean? The shooting of the Republican congressman and others was done by someone who, before this action, had a legal right to own firearms and had done nothing seriously wrong to indicate he would take this type of action. It appears gun control is not what some people actually want; in reality they’re seeking the outlaw of gun ownership and possibly gun confiscation. As much as I abhor violence and the death caused by guns, I don’t want to be unarmed and unprotected in the world today. Most people know criminals will still be able to get their hands on guns even if the ordinary citizen can’t. The answer is we need less hate, better education and functional families in this world, but that too isn’t going to happen.

Sad situation

Shooting of Gabby Gifford, children at Sandy Hook did not make a difference in our elected officials’ stand on gun control. Now the shooting of one of their own will again do nothing. Too much money coming from the NRA and gun lobby. Sad situation.

Thin is in

Thanks for using thinner (recyclable) plastic for our home-delivered newspapers.

No good reason

I see no reason to feel sorry for this guy. Why would anyone go to North Korea? There is no conceivable reason for any sane person to go to that country. Stupid is as stupid does

A side effect

A side effect of stealing is the packaging to protect from stealing. It's costly, fills the trash and very hard on seniors trying to get into the packages. Some are injured by the knives they use..

There’s a law for that

To the person who wrote in with the statement about an anti-gun group asking to surrender your guns. When has anybody asked you to surrender your guns? Gun control is simply that, control. Maybe if we had laws that were stricter on purchasing them, we would not have had as many mass shootings (152). It would have been a smart thing to have left the bill in place that there was a more of a thorough background check on people with mental problems. And yes, there are laws in place concerning people who drive cars. Take drunk driving for instance.

I’m thankful

Yes, I do love to fuss or complain about my power bill, but when it went out last night during a storm which affected only four houses, I called. My 80-year-old-plus parents were in one, which makes them a bit anxious. I called and was told estimated time to fix was 3:53 a.m. At 1:57 a.m., power was restored. I think that deserves a thank you.

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