Sound Off

Sound Off for June 18: Why are so many people stealing from retail stores?

Effects of stealing

There is too much theft in stores these days. I work in retail, and you wouldn't believe the amount of empty packages thrown around the store at night after closing. The items are usually small but do add up. Why people steal a 39-cent item is beyond understanding. Eventually they do get caught. What these people don't realize is, that is why the costs of things keep going up, and also it put places out of business. People need to quit stealing.

What next?

I anticipate that the anti-gun group will call for all of our guns to be surrendered. Are they also going to call for knives to be turned in since a 22-year-old woman was stabbed to death in the French Quarter? Will we have to give up our vehicles since trucks have been used to run into crowds? It is not the guns, it is the people. This problem is so multifaceted that you cannot point to one or two parts of the problem. We are well into our second generation and, going into the third, who have grown accustomed to violence in movies, on TV and in video games as seeming to be the norm.

More retro, please

Hot dog! Morgus and Chopsley are back on the air. Thanks, WXVO Ocean 7. Too bad the TV stations in the Gulfport/Biloxi area don't recognize how popular some local entertainment programming could be as well as vintage TV network programming such as Antenna TV or MeTV. WLOX, WXXV: Got your rabbit ears on?

Who’s a hypocrite?

So Nancy Pelosi is a hypocrite? She and other Dems have repeatedly said they will work with Trump on jobs and infrastructure bills. But Republican Paul Ryan made it perfectly clear in an interview on national TV in March, "I don't want to work with Democrats.” Even Republican Sen. Bob Corker said of Ryan's remarks, "We have come a long way in this country when the Speaker of one party urges a president not to work with the other party to solve a problem.”

Added charges

Before you go out and start buying tickets to these casino shows, check out the added price using Ticket Master. Your $12.95 ticket will cost you about $22.00. Whatever happened to the casinos having their own box offices? Eliminate the overcharging from Ticket Master and they will sell more tickets for the shows.

Carts’ double duty

My wife has a good idea for retail stores, grocery stores, shopping centers, malls and others. Have a cart return rack in or very near the handicap parking spaces. Many of the folks who use handicap parking also like to use shopping carts to help them walk. Get the carts near where they park.

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