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Sound Off for Saturday, June 17: Will the shooting be a wake-up call?

Fans hold up signs supporting Rep. Steve Scalise, who was shot during practice for the Congressional Baseball Game on Wednesday.
Fans hold up signs supporting Rep. Steve Scalise, who was shot during practice for the Congressional Baseball Game on Wednesday. The Washington Post

Simple math

How to handle a service worker at a restaurant is not rocket science. Where we eat, the service individuals, when she or he sees we are finished, will ask if we care for desert. If not they will leave the folder containing your order with the amount of the bill. You have ample time to look at the amount and decide on the appropriate gratuity. At that time you can place the entire amount in the folder or you can provide your credit card and add that amount to the total.


As a member of American Legion Post 119, Gulfport, I and all the 364 members say “Thank You” to all the supporter’s who have made donations for our fundraisers and the raffle drawing during the Fishing Rodeo fundraiser for Post 119, July 2-4. The proceeds support many veterans in need, in many ways. Contact 206-3201. We have great lunch specials, also.


Carrie Duncan, my husband says you’re beautiful. But I’m not mad at you. Hold your head up, dear, you certainly are a beautiful lady.

Maybe next time

I participated in the recent Rep. Palazzo “Town Hall by telephone.” Tyler did an excellent job of screening calls. Although I wasn’t selected, great questions from listeners and responses regarding veterans, healthcare, taxes, etc. Nothing is accomplished by bullying, leftist radical screamers only seeking to disrupt proceeding in a live setting. There is a timeframe allotted, sorry you and I didn’t make it, but suggest we both participate next phone event.

Wake up!

The shooting of an elected official should be a wake up call for Congress to address gun control in this country. I would hope that the shooting of “one of their own” would at least make Congress take another look at our gun laws, but knowing that nothing was done after the shooting of Gabby Gifford, nothing will change. Sad.

What’s up?

What’s with all these e-mails and letters by our elected congressmen and senators requesting donations to fight illegal immigration, Obama Care, tax reform and other issues? Isn’t that what we pay them for?

Accept it

I voted for Obama the first time. The second time I decided to vote against Obama. He won, and I accepted that. I didn’t whine or protest. I accepted it and supported him throughout his term. Why is that so hard? You should realize it’s only one term. Give the President support and if it’s not what you expected, vote again in the next election. So simple.

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