Sound Off

Sound Off for Tuesday, June 13: Don’t keep the change


Good ol’ days

Will Rogers was right on the money when he said, “I can remember way back when liberals were generous with their own money.” I sure wish we could return to those days.

It’s called ‘service’

Waitressing is part of the “service” industry. You are there to serve the customer, not tell the customer how to show his gratitude.

Right on

I watched Connie Moran give an interview on WLOX Sunday night. She made reference that her loss was a carry over from the Trump election, and she is right. Ocean Springs is growing, and it needs a fresh new look and new ideas.


“A tip to jot down” has completely missed the point about rounded up change. It’s not your money to do with as you please. It belongs to the customer, plain and simple. Keeping it because it’s convenient for the server is just wrong. And if an establishment allows it, I’m going elsewhere.

Simple solution

The issue is not how tall the vehicle is but the length of the wheelbase. Experienced limo drivers do not drive over the crossings at Main or Lamuse in Biloxi because they risk getting stuck. The temporary solution is to post warning signs for long vehicles with the permanent fix to either change the grade of or close the troublesome crossings.

Confusing the issue

Politicians must stop the lying and misleading. Leaking information is not illegal unless, for example, it violates federal law. Don’t confuse leaking of unclassified information with releasing Top Secret information. Leaking was practiced by our Founding Fathers and in the vast majority of cases is legal and helps protect citizens against fraud corruption, and cover-ups. Former FBI Director Comey’s testimony was unclassified and served the public interest. The Supreme Court has upheld the Whistleblower Protection Act. Without these protections democracy is doomed.

My change

In response to “No to rounding up”: I, too, encountered this and I promptly went to the manager on duty. I was refunded my change and told it was not the practice of the establishment. I then got glaring looks from the server so I emailed the corporate office. The server was let go not just because of what I said but also other complaints. This is unacceptable. Next time, go to management. It’s my change and I’ll do with it as I see fit.

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