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Sound Off for June 12: Don’t forget Flag Day is Wednesday

A Sound Off reader reminds Americans that Flag Day is Wednesday. Fly your flag if you have one!
A Sound Off reader reminds Americans that Flag Day is Wednesday. Fly your flag if you have one! AP

Remember Flag Day

Wednesday is Flag Day. If you have one, please fly it on that day.

A tip to jot down

Regarding “No to Rounding Up”: Being a server for some time, I can assure you most of any server’s time anywhere you dine is inundated with 50 things going on at once attempting to satisfy many people. The “practice” you “encounter” is far from any malevolence you assert; your server actually has cash on hand, and expedites your service by not having to make change in coin to the register (combined with the fact you’re paying with cash makes two trips to cater to you). Perhaps on your next outing, politely say to your server: “Make sure you add this $7 tip to the change you’ve kept from my $35.98 bill to expedite my service, and thank you for the meal, it was great.” That’s my two cents worth for you.

More to high rents

The reason rent is high? Renters don’t pay on time and don’t take care of your property. Best get a large deposit. Renters should be responsible all repairs. Sad, you work hard to have a nest egg in older age and a little extra security. Sorry renters cause grief and are troubling for an owner to deal with.

Here’s a list

To “List Them” in Saturday’s Sound Off, here are a few mistakes President Obama made: Line in the sand. Iran. Continuous apologies to the world on behalf of America. Near $800 billion stimulus package that was a flop — remember shovel ready jobs? National debt near doubled. Calling ISIS the “JV team” and contained in 2014. Chiding Romney for saying Russia was our biggest geopolitical foe in 2012. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Need more?

More power to Trump

To “List Them”: Obama did not make mistakes as such. He did deliberate things to this nation to undermine it. No need to list them. We saw them being enacted daily. Trump is undoing them to save America. More power to him.

If it ain’t broke ...

A new Kaiser poll finds 84 percent of Americans want to continue the expansion of Medicaid, as provided in Obamacare. Even 71 percent of Republicans want to keep the expansion — as well as 93 percent of Democrats and 83 percent of Independents. So if all parties want it: Why is the Republican-led Congress trying to do away with it? “If it ain’t broke — don’t fix it.”

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