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Sound Off for June 6: Dr. Wall is ‘the best doctor I’ve had in my 80 years’

Dr. Allison Wall laughs as she shares her experiences as an oncologist March 24, 2017.
Dr. Allison Wall laughs as she shares her experiences as an oncologist March 24, 2017. Special to the Sun Herald

She deserves it

I just want to applaud you for the article you ran on Dr. (Allison) Wall. My stepmom was a longtime patient of hers, and I saw first-hand what a truly warm and compassionate person and doctor she is. She certainly deserves the recognition she received in your story.

Be considerate

I saw an amazing dance performance at our Coliseum this past weekend. However, the evening was marred by the number of people walking about during the dancers’ performances. If this has never been shared with you, please understand that it is best to wait until dancers are exiting the stage to leave or re-enter your seat. At times there may be someone behind you watching with pride or video recording their child’s dance. This is a courtesy greatly appreciated at any event. Thank you. (Note: I am speaking of adults; young children often have immediate needs.)

Waste of time

I watched NBC’s Megyn Kelly’s interview with Vladimir Putin last night. Why was this hyped, because he made a fool of her. She not only wasted his time but also my time.

Fireworks and flashbacks

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, please remember that fireworks are illegal to shoot within the city limits of Gulfport. Please think about people who are bothered by fireworks and pets who cannot handle the loud noises created by them. Firework displays are provided by numerous cities along the Coast free for anyone who cares to watch and enjoy. With a large number of military and retirees affected with PTSD and other related traumas of war, fireworks are a negative reminder of their wartime efforts. Let’s all be good neighbors and keep others in mind.

Behind the scenes

Just like former Gov. Haley Barbour, Sen. Thad Cochran works quietly behind the scenes for Mississippi. I can’t remember ever seeing him give an interview to promote his personal agenda or to put his name out there taking sides in some political agenda. I have no clue if he tweets or has a Facebook page, but I do appreciate that his office sends a letter (even if it is a form letter) in response to every contact I make with his office. I certainly hope the Tea Party voters don’t vote against him because he definitely brings in appropriations for our state.

Hometown girl

Your article about Dr. Allison Wall was spot on. She’s absolutely the best doctor I’ve ever had in my 80 years, a true blessing to the community, and she’s from my hometown of Dothan, Alabama.

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