Sound Off

Sound Off for June 5: It’s hurricane season. There’s no FEMA director.

FEMA's mobile app.
FEMA's mobile app.

Try safflower seeds

I’m always seeing folks trying to keep squirrels away from their bird feeders. We discovered safflower seeds few years ago. Squirrels now completely ignore our three bird feeders filled with safflower seeds.

A new route

Another east-west corridor would be amazing. I wonder how much waste is carried across our cities on the rails. A derailment could put us in another kind of mess. Another option is that the state buy the CSX rails and assist them relocating 25-45 miles north running east-west through those woods. Potentially saving a lot of lives.

That’s the ticket

Move the baseball regional to Biloxi and make all tickets general admission.

Alternatives needed

People wouldn’t join gangs if they thought they had a fighting chance to get involved in something worthwhile.

FEMA director?

To all Trump supporters: Did you know that President Trump doesn’t even have a FEMA director in place and hurricane season has already started. He didn’t even bother to name one until late April and the Republicans in control of Congress haven’t confirmed anyone yet. That’s not making America great. Pray there are no disasters anytime soon.

Lottery: Yes

I’d rather buy a lottery ticket than hang out in a fog, spinning a roulette wheel.

Trump is wise

I think President Donald Trump is economically wise in leaving the Paris Accord. To date, the United States and three European countries are the only countries to comply with the goals of the accord. Germany has seen its emissions increase in the last two years. The Paris Accord is just one of many initiatives that are designed to lead to a worldwide government. President Donald Trump simply “unbound” the U.S. from a nonbinding Paris Accord and released the U.S. for economic growth.

Makes no sense

President Donald Trump said he may rejoin the Paris Accord if he can get a better deal for the U.S. The accord does not specify any pollution limits or agenda to obtain them. Those details are left to the individual countries. How can he get a better deal, than that? If he did not like the specifics written by the last administration, he could have changed them while remaining in the accord. It appears he never read that accord. The withdrawal makes no sense.

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