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Sound Off for June 4: Put the cell phones away while using the toilet in public place

Four toilets lined up on a curb in southeast Charlotte, N.C.
Four toilets lined up on a curb in southeast Charlotte, N.C.

Who could forget?

Trust me, anybody who went through Katrina, won’t ever have amnesia. It’s always there.

Read the agreement

I am not entering the debate on climate change, but I do wish to wade in on the Paris Agreement. If you have not read it, then you really shouldn’t comment on it. It is not worth the paper it is written on. As per usual, it is all about money. And also, as per usual, the United States would get “bilked” for trillions. Money going from the “richer” nations to the “poorer” nations — without an ironclad guarantee they would even be required to comply. Read it, you’ll see.

Meet George Jetson

A question of ultimate concern: Will the human race destroy itself before it runs out of fossil fuel, or will there be a time “after” we cease burning carbon? Not being a believer in biblical “end times,” I’m opting for “George Jetson-ville.”

Leave glass at home

It’s the busy time of year for the bays, rivers and islands. Remember: Glass containers are not safe or legal on the Mississippi beaches and waterways. It looks cool on beer commercials on television, but really it’s not.

The truth

Kittens do not get on highways by accident. There are cruel, inhumane people who put them there. My friend found two kittens huddled up against the side rail on top of the Bay Bridge two weeks ago. People do that so they get run over.

Give Trump credit

I’ve sent dozens of anti-Trump Sound Offs. I’ve been a broken record. I’ll give Trump credit for one thing: He has many of us focused like a laser on what’s right and what’s wrong for this nation.

A little help?

Competition is all about knocking the other guy down. Shouldn’t we be helping one another up instead?

Stop it

People, when you are in a public toilet, why do you have to strike up a conversation on your cell phone? Other people do not want to listen to your conversations. Also people are still texting and driving, even with all of the advertising campaigns on the subject. Please look up from your phone while driving. You are a hazard. Nothing is that important to risk a life.

No way to retire

Starting over at 50 and having the burden of student loan debt is for sure to ruin retirement.

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