Sound Off

Sound Off for June 3: Scoop up your dog’s poop, Diamondhead

Dotted line?

Where, please, may I sign a petition to prevent a fish prison?

Bad for us

Trump has essentially doomed the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast by joining Syria and Nicaragua in opposition. This man does not see the big picture. There is only one world and when he harms the environment he harms the entire planet. I wish I had never rebuilt after Katrina. Our Congressman is just as bad as Trump, too.

Scoop the poop

I am a longtime resident of Diamondhead. I find it strange that people drive to other people’s neighborhoods to let their dogs go and not pick up after them. Not all people, most do pick up. We do have a pooper scooper law. Don’t think we don’t notice you, we do. Maybe we should drop off where you live what you neglected to pick up where we live.

Real world

To appease his coal mining voters, Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord Treaty. No way will coal come back with their cost, pollution to the environment and health problems associated with the industry while natural gas is so much cleaner and cheaper.

Bless their hearts

I was appalled to learn that the House and Senate in Washington work about 104 days a year, but my thoughts changed when I found out that they only make an average of $174K per year. I don’t know how they make ends meet.

Bad behavior

The person who wrote the sorry, sick and inconsiderate article about Carry Duncan must be the model of perfection. Huh, you need to take the log out of your eye before you take the sliver from another’s eye. Enough said.

Low blow

To the person who slammed the appearance of Carrie Duncan of WLOX, my father used to say, “Any fool can complain, criticize, and condemn. And most fools do.” Your comments serve no useful purpose except, perhaps to make you and your husband feel somehow morally superior. News flash: you’re not.


To the viewer who attempted to shame Carrie Duncan, shame on you. It is you who is an embarrassment. Maybe if you tried watching and listening to the news and weather you would be better informed and be able to focus on the things that are important in life. I think Carrie does an excellent job and even though I do not personally know her she seems like a lovely intelligent woman. Shame! Shame on you!

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