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Sound Off for May 31: Please enforce the existing traffic laws

A Sound Off reader suggests that if existing traffic laws are enforced, the roads would be a lot safer.
A Sound Off reader suggests that if existing traffic laws are enforced, the roads would be a lot safer. File


Under our U.S. Constitution, we are innocent of all accusations until proven guilty in the court of law, not the media. In 1692 during the infamous Salem witch trials, the accused had to prove that they were innocent of witchcraft. During this long ago hysteria, 19 people, one dog and one cat were hanged. With this in mind, what will be the result of our current Russia hysteria?

Freedom to speak

I don’t understand this “sit down and shut up” attitude that Republicans have towards Democrats. Last I heard we were still living in America, and we still have the right to voice our opinions regardless of which party we choose to associate with.

Enforce the law

For the person suggesting traffic lanes for specific vehicles on the highways and wondering why no law was required to turn lights on at dusk, etc. The question is not why no law, but why the existing law isn’t enforced. The existing law states lights are required to be on at dusk and also if your windshield wipers are on, lights must also be on, just one of many traffic laws not enforced as it gets more dangerous by the day to travel on our streets and highways.

Electronic records

When Katrina hit, our primary physician’s office was flooded and all our records lost, including those we had had transferred to him when we moved here seven years prior. But he knew us and continued to see us for a few months until he moved away. Needless to say, I’m a proponent of electronic records.

Blowing in the wind

I don’t know the background of the “Whistleblowers” Sound Off. I have held security clearances including top secret for many years. I did know my responsibility for any classified I came in contact with. You would face jail time for passing information to anyone not authorized to see it, including the media. Whistle blowing is revealing poor treatment of VA patients, not classified information. Feeling that a political opponent’s behavior was questionable does not justify revealing classified information.

Fake news?

Sound Off falls victim of fake news? Recently “Un-American” claimed Sound Off often prints Trump supporters demands to lock up his opponents and the press. I read Sound Off daily and don’t recall these demands.

More details

It’s disappointing that your article about André Kaufman’s comments at the last Ocean Springs City Council meeting were not more detailed. Kaufman was one of the best public works directors that Ocean Springs ever had.

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