Sound Off

Sound Off for Saturday, May 27: Should leakers be prosecuted?



I just read there is a federal grant for $3.4 million to soundproof homes near the Gulfport-Biloxi Airport. Is there a grant for all the homes near train tracks that endure the sounds of trains whizzing by? What next?

Sidewalks here

Speaking of sidewalks, we could use some in Windance. Maybe our councilman of District 2 will take action and do something about it before someone gets killed walking in the road.

Lights, please

Why aren’t there any street lights along Lorraine-Cowan Road from Dolphin Lane to Magnolia Street (stretch between the two Bayou Bernard bridges)? Driving this stretch of road at night is nerve-wracking. It’s a main thoroughfare well within the city limits of Gulfport. We need street lights.

Slow progress

I seem to remember a United States senator proclaiming on the floor of the Senate, “How long, Lord, how long?” In the Sun Herald on Thursday there was an invitation to attend a public hearing on the Landon Road widening project. Why now? This should have been done months ago. This is not a new problem. It’s just another example of a City Council that moves at less than snail speed. Look at the inability to get 28th Street paving finished. Look at Dedeaux Road. How many times will the City Council announce it is going to widen that road? Then there’s the west end of O’Neal Road. I could go on, but wait, we’re scheduled for a very expensive sidewalk on Seaway Road, and roses for Courthouse Road. Aren’t we so very lucky to have the leadership we have.

Prosecute leakers

Some anti-Trump renegades, somewhere in the intelligence community, are not only undermining his administration, which is their goal, but jeopardizing our national security by leaking classified information. I hope they are discovered, shamed and prosecuted. Anyone who has ever held a security clearance has been entrusted by the citizens to do the right thing, no matter who is in the Oval Office. Personal politics don’t come into play. Anyone else is greedy, a coward or a traitor.

Loss of revenue

I refuse to allow government to dictate to me how or where I spend my money. Because a few in this state are determined to manage me and my money, the state of Mississippi and its residents lose. Last weekend, I drove to Slidell to renew the three lotteries that I play. While I was there, I filled my gas tank with gas at $1.94 per gallon and had lunch. The car ahead of me was also from Mississippi. How much longer are we going to be forced to spend our money outside of our state?

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