Sound Off

Sound Off for May 12: MHP needs to write tickets on this ‘speedway’



Thank you for printing “The Jet.” Readership will skyrocket!


While they’re putting the jet back on the beach, maybe they can do something with the fountain. It’s never working and needs restoring or just tear it down.

Straight fact

Just to set the facts straight, the seawall was built across the entire Mississippi Coast sometime in the 1920s and not as a result of the 1947 hurricane.


I had to laugh when I read the Sound Off “Offended” this morning. Stephen Colbert’s show is the bright spot of my day, and judging from Facebook, he makes many more viewers happy too.

Cane lost

If anyone finds a Hurrycane cane at the Medical Office Building at Gulfport Memorial, Island View Casino or Belk, please, we are looking for it. Set it aside and we will call. Thank you.

Free will

A recent Letter to the Editor said, “God has control of weather conditions on this planet.” The author needs to read his scriptures. Genesis 1-26 says, “God gave man dominion over the Earth and all things upon it.” Humans have the power to screw up the climate; we must choose wisely.

What about then?

So you’re offended by what a comedian said about Donald Trump. Were you offended all the years Donald Trump falsely accused President Obama of not being a United States citizen? Where was the “common decency, respect and American values” in Trump’s statements about President Obama?

Go north

A writer proposed building a 3-foot seawall above the sidewalk through Gulfport to keep sand off the highway. Those few weather-related sand spillover cleanups are in the budget. If you want to make the view of the water equivalent to looking through guardrails on a bridge just because you can’t handle sand for a few days, go north for some ice all winter.

Write tickets here

Shouldn’t state troopers be issuing citations on the U.S. 49 “speedway” in Gulfport?

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