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Sound Off for May 11: Football pays coaches’ salaries, not university

A Sound Off reader says Alabama’s football program pays the salaries of its coaches like football coach Nick Saban.
A Sound Off reader says Alabama’s football program pays the salaries of its coaches like football coach Nick Saban. AP File

Let’s have a jet

“Put a jet on U.S. 90” was requested very politely. Mayor FoFo has a vision. Let’s support his decision. Keesler symbolizes the best of Biloxi. We are blessed to be so lucky.

Think of the hungry

The U.S. Postal Service’s 25th annual Stamp Out Hunger drive is this Saturday. Just leave nonperishable foods by your mailbox and it will be distributed to Coast food banks. This event is always the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

Who’ll be liable?

Soon there will be driverless cars on our highways. We now have cars that brake when you are too close to another, warn you during a lane change and self park. It will probably get interesting in court when one of these systems fails and damage or injury occurs. Who is liable, the owner or the car manufacturer?

Not tuition

To “Who cares” about college football coaches making $11 million and students borrowing money: College tuition pays for professors and classrooms. A football program like Alabama brings in $100 million or more to the university annually and pays the salaries of the program’s coaches. Don’t get me wrong, I think $11 million for coaching is excessive but it doesn’t affect costs to attend the university.

Fox News

Fox News, fake news. True story: While visiting my son last summer, I went into the den where the TV was on and sat down to watch. I thought it was “Saturday Night Live.” It was out-of-this-world funny. Tears were running down my face, then in walked my daughter-in-law. She said what is so funny? I said I’m watching “Saturday Night Live.” She said sorry, but that is Fox News. I was shocked! Thank God she did not tell my son or I would have been in big trouble. He believes every word of Fox News is the truth, the absolute Divine word.

Play time

After-school care in Harrison County should consist of four items: keeping children safe, snacks, homework and physical exercise. The kids have spent most of the day in the classroom and don’t need more of the same. I would like to hear other parents or guardians speak out.

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