Sound Off

Sound Off for May 8: Follow Hancock County’s example in beach maintenance

Does Hancock County have a better handle on keeping sand on the beach instead of the roadways?
Does Hancock County have a better handle on keeping sand on the beach instead of the roadways? File

Sandy issue

Hancock County seems to be wiser in its beach maintenance regarding blowing sand on the road. They have sand dunes with vegetation and fencing that seems to be a huge plus in keeping the sand on the beach. I just can’t understand how after all these years Harrison County seems clueless about beach maintenance. Next step will be cleaning out all the road drains that are packed with beach sand.

Tourism priorities

Informative editorial in Friday’s paper on Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast. One suggestion for the training of Coast Champions: Business owners, especially in Bay St. Louis, need to understand that customers and tourists need to be able to park near the businesses. Employees need to be made to park in the parking garage, which is owned by the city. Some business owners are under the impression that they cannot insist that the employees park in the garage. Yes you can! Employees take up valuable parking, along the beach, near businesses that depend on tourists. Please help spread the word. We need to cater to the tourists, not line cooks and kitchen help!

Master plan

Since the repeal of the mandatory state vehicle inspection, you may have noticed many with only one headlight, parking light, tail light, brake light or backup light but there is good news. The amount of electricity needed to operate those lights has been reduced, resulting in less fuel consumption for each vehicle. Would anyone like to compute the amount of fuel saved per day? Could this have been a master plan of the state? Hope this makes you laugh!


There sure are a lot of people who get caught embezzling money from their employers. Were these people ever drug tested?

Long lineage

The Brides of Biloxi story in the paper this morning was excellent! Fascinating. Thank you Sun Herald!

Not really a repeal

President Trump and Republicans are continually stating that they are repealing or replacing Obamacare. They are doing neither. What they are doing is revising Obamacare, which means they are amending or altering.

Free fall?

This job growth for the month of April, Trump can pat himself on the back for still riding on President Obama’s success. But Trump will feel the burn of his decisions in coming months when the job growth shows a free fall. Every time I read the papers, there are companies closing and layoffs. And our state is cutting jobs. If this is make America great, I would hate to see make America bad.

Free rocks

We have some small, medium and large rocks that we uncovered from our removal of holly/pampas bushes. Does anyone know who might take them? I don’t think WastePro will.