Sound Off

Sound Off for May 3: Great job, Gulfport Police Department

Gulfport police PIO Sgt. Joshua Bromen
Gulfport police PIO Sgt. Joshua Bromen

Will miss you

Hate that Winn-Dixie at Cowan and Pass roads will close. I will miss the employees. Best wishes and thanks to all being helpful and having good attitudes.

No one to vote for

I was all ready to vote May 2 until I checked the ballot and there were no Democrats running in my ward. Sad.

Great service

A special thank-you for Snowball’s service station in Gulfport. Thank you for the thoughtful help you gave my 90-year-old dad who had a dead battery Monday. Your response to his distress was not lacking in any detail. I was amazed by your help and how quickly you were able to respond. The price was reasonable but the help was priceless.

No more visits

I read Mayor Andrew Gilich has had the state flag removed from Biloxi’s city structures and has ordered the state flag not be flown, as it’s not in the best interest of the city. I will visit the Gulf Coast many times this year, as I always do. I have spent a lot of time and money in and around Biloxi and Gulfport over the decades, but that is over. I have decided I will not spend a dime in any city or location that is ashamed of their state or its flag.

Good job

I would like to take the time to thank the Gulfport Police Department for its persistence in getting drugs off the street. Every day I look at the felonies from the day before and see most are being arrested for drugs. I can say it doesn’t seem the violent crimes as we have seen in the past are as prevalent as they had been, so something is working. Thank you.

Listen up

Currently listening to Palazzo’s teletown hall meeting. I must say it sounds more like a paid advertisement from Trump’s campaign than a constituent-centered town hall. If I wanted to know about Trump’s first 100 days I would watch Fox News. I want you to listen to the people who voted for you — and the ones who didn’t.

I don’t see it

Over the past several months or longer, we have been fed a lot of opinions about what a negative impact our state flag has on our tourism and other opportunities. Well, reading the paper recently and looking around the Coast, there are several hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and most recently I read a huge movie franchise will be filming segments of a movie here. Where is the negative impact, because I fail to see it.

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