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Sound Off for May 1: Why are routers so expensive?

The Western Digital My Net 900 wireless router.
The Western Digital My Net 900 wireless router. MCT

Which is worse?

Out of sight is better than in your face.

Anyone know?

Does anybody know why computer routers are so expensive? By now they should be relatively cheap.

What next?

The Mississippi flag, approved by voters twice, is being removed by individual leaders. Decades-old memorial statues being removed in New Orleans. What’s next: painting the White House gray?

Human nature

Some poor lady fell down and tore the shoulder from her blouse. She didn’t have time to change shirts, so she made a similar tear on the other shoulder. A fashion trend was begun, which has swept female humans from 9 to 90. What lemmings we humans are.


Every once and a while, take a close look at your neighbors. There will come a day that one of them could use your help with their trash bins. Even with wheels, handling them could cause one to fall. Let’s take care of each other.

No end

The issue by those regarding the state flag has nothing to do with hate and violence. It has to do with power. An ability to tell you what you can or cannot do or say. After the flags and statues are gone, there will be something else. Enough is enough. Where does it end?

Change it

The flag needs to be changed. The current flag with the Confederate symbol does not represent all the population and does not unify. Instead it is divisive, represents defiance and an unjust treasonous action against our great union. Yes, many of our brave men and women suffered and died, but let us honor them other ways.

Wait and see

Don’t you people see the writing on the wall? The wealthy will get the best healthcare, the best education for their children, the best schools, their roads will always be paved and their bridges sturdy; they will have the best drinking water and sewer systems, and they will keep all the extra money Trump is giving them. There has never been any data or proof that giving the wealthy huge tax breaks create jobs. But you keep thinking they are going to throw coins at you.

Not ours

The flag some Mississippians are so fond of has nothing to do with Mississippi. It was created as a separate battle flag that could not be mistaken for the Stars and Bars flag. The Confederate flag of today, and the one on Mississippi’s state flag, was created for the Army of Northern Virginia, not Mississippi. So why fight to keep a Virginia symbol on a Mississippi flag?

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