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Sound Off for April 21: Treat your dog for heartworm

Be sure to treat your pets for heartworm, a Sound Off reader says.
Be sure to treat your pets for heartworm, a Sound Off reader says.

Use a preventive

There is absolutely no reason to lose any dog to heartworm. There are very effective monthly preventive medications. But you have to actually use them to get the benefits.

Bill O’Reilly

Turned on Fox but no O’Reilly. Had always regarded him so highly. Ol’ Bill committed a workplace no-no. He must have missed Murdoch’s memo!

Just you

Speak for yourself. You may have a problem reading Trump’s tax returns, but don’t assume we are all incapable.

Others could

To “Too Complex,” I am one of those clamoring for Trump’s tax returns and you are exactly right — I wouldn’t have a clue as to what they contained. But I feel certain that other, more-qualified minds would, and his refusal to release them should be a huge red flag.


To the handsome gentleman I met in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Biloxi about two weeks ago, you were driving a big white truck and wearing a blue-and-white plaid shirt. I thought you were charming, and I hope we meet again. From the lady who did not run you over.

Our ‘prism’ is gone

A sad day for us O’Reilly fans. No more “old school” guy to present today’s problems through a traditional-way-of-thought prism. He may have his many faults but he was truly a media “voice in the wilderness” for many of us.

Wrong message

How sad that Bill O’Reilly is getting the boot not because of his behavior toward women, for which he and Fox paid out millions of dollars, but because that behavior finally became public. It says to women it’s fine for men to behave in an inappropriate way, and those men will not be punished in any way, as long as it doesn’t affect the profits of a company.

Why bother?

Have watched numerous so-called town hall meetings by Republicans over the country that were nothing but organized continuous shout-downs by Democrats. A town hall meeting is supposed to be a rational question-and-answer event. If the opposition will not allow it, why have it? I like Palazzo’s telephone town hall; it provides an opportunity for more people to participate. And, in light of recent events, it would keep bad actors from preventing the purpose of the meeting.

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