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Sound Off for April 18: We had a great time at Shuckers game

Fans knock beach balls around between innings at the Biloxi Shuckers home game. A Sound Off reader says Shuckers games are so much fun!
Fans knock beach balls around between innings at the Biloxi Shuckers home game. A Sound Off reader says Shuckers games are so much fun!

God is watching

For all who helped, or tried to help the homeless veteran, Mike Webb, God saw what you did. For all that refused to help, and would not help, God saw what you did.

Patients to see

The reader that chastised the doctor for unprofessional behavior causing him to be removed from the United flight by force would have been mightily upset if they had shown up for their doctor’s appointment with him the next day, and he wasn’t there. He told them he had patients to see the next day.

Public meetings

Interesting editorial in Sun Herald this Easter Sunday! Most of the candidates for Diamondhead City offices are promising “transparency” which is good. It is a shame that some may not understand that transparency requires the public’s business to be conducted in public.

Great time

We attended a Shuckers game Sunday — it was so much fun. Our experience was excellent from the beginning to the end. We thought the ticket prices were very reasonable. Those who complain about the price of the concessions, eat before you go. They were very much in line with other ballparks across the country. Go Shuckers!

Really good show

Last month we went to see the play “The Foreigner” at the Gulfport Little Theatre. It was a very funny play and the actors were excellent in their roles. One thing we were surprised at was the amount of people that showed up for the play. We counted around 30. You would think more people would go and enjoy their local entertainment. It wasn’t expensive, so that’s no excuse.


Just curious how many littering tickets have been written by any law enforcement department on the Coast in the past 12 months? Walking through the Long Beach harbor is like walking through a dump. Trash cans visible everywhere, but the entitlement mentality and laziness is evident everywhere. A Harrison County employee was picking up the refuse and laughed when I asked him about tickets. If you were not raised to properly dispose of trash, or just too lazy, please stay at home and throw the trash in your yard. It is ridiculous and disgusting.

Study up

When asked to weigh inwhen MGM Park was being built if Biloxi could sustain a baseball park everyone gave a yes, and I was the lone voice saying I didn’t think so. I got so much heck on my Facebook account I do not care to share. But judging from the Insight story, I just may have been greatly informed of which I speak. I’ve attended many games and tried to support it and I still do. But if the citizens of the Gulf Coast didn’t see this coming then please go back and retake economics 101.

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