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Sound Off for April 11: Waffle House is where it’s at

Late night in the Waffle House kitchen on Mar. 24, 2017.
Late night in the Waffle House kitchen on Mar. 24, 2017. Special to the Sun Herald

Good read

Just finished reading your article about The Waffle House in this morning’s paper and I have to say thank you for printing it. My dad and I eat at Waffle House every week. We have eaten at all the Waffle Houses around and love every one of them for all the reasons you described. Great food, friendly staff, wonderful service. Way to go, Waffle House! For those who haven’t eaten there before, please do so. You will not be disappointed.


As a resident of Biloxi living close to the mall, I want to say thank you to all of our wonderful law enforcement officers who helped keep order this weekend. You aren’t told enough how much we appreciate you.

Cost vs reward

The difference between this weekend’s spring break crowds and any other event is the total disregard for our community. It’s said they bring revenue to the city. But how much money will it take to clean up the disaster they left behind?

Missed you

Highway Patrol, where were you? I see five to six troopers daily from Gulfport to Wiggins. This past weekend, not even one. People driving 100-plus mph, weaving through traffic, no tags on the cars.

Too late

The City of Biloxi could have stopped black spring break many years ago when it first started, but they chose not to. I’m sympathetic to all the property owners and residents of Biloxi for all the issues this weekend. But there’s no sympathy for the city administration. Be careful what you ask for.

Make them pay

The organizations who run this spring break event should be required to post a bond to pay for clean up before they get permits. Why should the people’s tax money pay to clean up after them?

Fed up!

Frankly, I do not want to hear about the economic push the Coast received from black spring break this past weekend. Yes, the vast majority of the young folks were well-behaved, but the unbelievably vulgar and crass behavior by many just soured me even more. The good men and women of Biloxi Police Department were just plain overwhelmed by the crowds. Not to mention the gridlock on all major Coast roads. I’m a tax-paying resident, and I am just fed up.

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