Sound Off

Sound off for April 8: Welcome home, John Harrison

Welcome home

Welcome home to a wonderful man. John Harrison, you have our prayers and blessings after surviving a horrendous accident. God bless.

Where’s Palazzo?

Good luck trying to get Steven Palazzo to a town hall or to unlock his doors. And don’t bother emailing him. No matter how many times or what you email him about, you get the same auto-reply back. The way to fix this is vote him out in 2018 and vote for someone who truly cares for the people of Mississippi and what they have to say.

Be responsible

If our president cuts the Coast Guard budget, that means boaters will have to be more responsible for themselves. This is a good thing. It puts the boaters’ safety in their own hands. Why use a whole branch of the Armed Services for that?

Many, many, many words

One of the weirdest thing about Trump is his repetition of the same word. He says very, very, much, much and seems to say things like that all the time. Perhaps he needs public speaking help or maybe he needs time to think what to say next.

Greatest threat

The greatest threat to our freedom and democracy is the Republican Party. Check out your newspaper daily for all the proof you’ll ever need.

Bad week to visit

Bet the Chinese president visiting Trump in Florida is wishing he had picked a different week. He might be leaving soon.

Hate it when that happens

“Due to an unforeseen incarceration, Kodak Black will be forced to reschedule....” Best statement of the year.

Commercial overload

It’s hardly worth turning on the TV any more as there is little programming, just mostly commercials for everything from laxatives to lawyers. I just switch it off after the sixth or seventh commercial in succession.

Happened in 2013

The Republicans did not rewrite the rule book with Gorsuch. In 2013, “Dirty” Harry Reid (Democrat senator) used the nuclear option to force votes on nominees. The Democrats are the sore loser party and now are tasting the consequences of their own actions in 2013.

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