Sound Off

Sound Off for April 7: Does Biloxi need a boardwalk made of wood?

Lost lessons

I see Harrison County and Biloxi have not learned their lesson from Hurricane Katrina. They are proceeding with plans to build a “wooden boardwalk” from Veterans Avenue to Rodenberg Avenue. Seems to me concrete might withstand a hurricane better.

Good start

I read the obituaries every day and when I read “No military deaths reported” I thank God and that is a great beginning for my day.

It’s all illusion

If Trump is walking on water, you can bet many poor souls are beneath the surface holding him up.

Dress to impress

More than likely the reporters want to go out in the bad weather and do those reports. Looks good on the resumé.

Not people

To businesses, governments and all others: Eliminate the computer speaking system. It is irritating, time consuming, frustrating, makes mistakes and lacks personal contact.

Hi-def radio?

I have a radio in my truck able to pick up high-definition signals. When I’m out of town I can receive these signals. They sound so much better and stations can transmit multiple genres. Why can’t we have that here?

Right to sell

If you had a swing set in your yard, would you mind if I sold it without your permission and kept the money? I’m guessing the answer is no. Well, Congress has passed a bill that will allow internet providers to sell our browsing history without our consent. I’m not happy about that, and I hope the majority of you are not either.

Not logical

Yesterday on U.S. 49, I was in the center lane heading home. Traffic was stopped in the far left lane and all of a sudden I had to slam on my breaks because someone in the far left lane was nice enough to let someone attempt to cross. I appreciate your courtesy, but what I do not appreciate is when you let someone out in multiple lanes, you cannot see around that car. If you cannot see oncoming traffic have sense enough to realize it is not safe to just blindly pull out into traffic.

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