Sound Off

Sound Off for April 6: Keep O.S. beaches clean


Stay on the road

If you are going to make an illegal U-turn in front of the elementary school the least you can do is stay on the road. You ran over and broke my sewer cleanout, which is 4 feet on the other side of the sidewalk, a full 8 feet from the road. Thanks a lot!

What’s the rush?

Republicans blockaded a perfectly qualified Supreme Court nominee for an entire year, simply because they didn’t like the person in the White House. They were prepared to blockade any nominee put forth by Hillary Clinton, had she won the election. Why the rush to confirm a nomination from a president who lost the popular vote by 3 million? If the Supreme Court was fine with just eight justices under Barack Obama, I say it’s fine with just eight under Donald Trump.

Keep it clean

Each day, we walk the Ocean Springs front beach. We noticed that front beach sidewalks are filthy, sand is built up on the walkways and the sand was mostly washed out even before the storm Monday. It’s sad Ocean Springs mayor and aldermen are not insisting our front beach remain clean for residents and visitors.

Work not gender

Men average higher pay than women. What does that mean? Look around — most cashiers are women. Most ship workers at Ingalls are men. The workers at Ingalls make much more. Most bank tellers are women; most plumbers are men. Plumbers make more. Women are not prohibited from working at Ingalls or as plumbers. The pay differential, when you average all workers, is more about the type of work than the gender of the worker. By the way, a recent study showed, on average, female CEOs make more than their male counterparts.

Thank you

Thank you to the Saucier Methodist Church Food Pantry. I found myself short of funds this month. The groceries I received are a huge blessing. God bless all involved.


Attention, Congressman Palazzo. How about holding a town hall during your next recess (week of April 10)? Or, better yet, why not unlock your office when it is occupied so your constituents can at least get in to discuss matters of concern to us.

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