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Sound Off for April 5: It’s a bad idea for Trump to cut Coast Guard budget

A record number of people now approve of Obamacare.
A record number of people now approve of Obamacare. AP

Spotlight on shame

To whoever stole two small spotlights from our front yard last night: Shame on you!


Our legislators failed to do what we paid them to do and now want an overtime session to do it. What chumps we are.

Gift list?

Isn’t it amazing that people who don’t know you exist for most of the year suddenly find you at graduation time with an “invitation” to see them graduate.

Trim the bushes

It would be nice if Biloxi would trim back the trees and bushes that block the driver’s view entering Popp’s Ferry Road from Carter and Bay Vista roads.

Negative nabobs

If Donald Trump were found to be able to walk on water, the progressive, intolerable Democrats would ask (via Lester Holt, I’m sure) why can’t he do it on one foot?

Bad idea

So Donald Trump wants to slash $1 billion from the Coast Guard budget? The Coast Guard is vitally important to helping keep drugs from entering the U.S. and in search and rescue. The Coast Guard is an integral part of the Mississippi Coast, helping boaters in distress and keeping our waters safe. What in the world is going on with this administration?

Bad judgment

I will never understand the need and outright danger in sending reporters out to do live spots in the life-endangering lightning and weather, as was the case the other morning. While meteorologists are in the studio warning us to avoid being outside, the poor saps with microphones appear more foolish and in danger than they do informative. Such an unprofessional and reckless decision.


An article in the Sun Herald says a suspect in a DUI had four arrests for DUIs. A 22-year-old man was killed in the most recent DUI, the fifth one. How does someone have four DUIs and not be in jail? A better question to ask is why is someone with four DUIs not in mandatory treatment for alcohol addiction? Jail time alone will not solve anyone’s alcohol addiction.


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result. We keep voting in the same Mississippi legislators and they keep accomplishing the same thing, nothing. I can’t decide who is insane — us for continuing to put the same ones there or them for continuing to think they will accomplish something by doing whatever it is they’re doing or not doing.

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