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Sound Off for April 3: Nothing wrong with a state lottery

Powerball tickets become hot commodities when the jackpot soars.
Powerball tickets become hot commodities when the jackpot soars. AP

Rules of business

To “Bad gamble,” Why do you want to tell people what to do with their money? Nothing wrong with a state lottery. Remember the two rules of business: No. 1, I’ll stay out of your’s; No. 2, You stay out of mine.

Tax on the poor

The people buying lottery tickets are not the big rollers at the casino but proportionally to their income they are doing the same. Most cannot afford to do this and it’s just a way to tax the poor because the odds are worse than at the slots.


It’s a crying shame the party of the century at Centennial Plaza couldn’t have lasted longer. I’d gotten tickets but didn’t have time to go. . . . Can we do this again before the year is over, maybe schedule it for two weeks instead of two days?


To “Here’s your sign”: I agree that the trash and grass needing to be taken care of, but are you serious? If by the display boards you’re talking about not needing — those that give you information on road conditions and possible serious traffic delays along our one corridor running across the lower state, you (need to think again). My life was possibly saved by one of those signs in New Mexico indicating a dust storm ahead that killed two people. If they didn’t install the signs you would probably be the first one to gripe about 2-hour long backups on I-10. To you, I say, next time this happens, have a trash bag with you and get out and pick up the garbage while you are at a complete standstill because you weren’t informed ahead of time of serious traffic delays.


Prospective employers, if you announce the need to fill a position and a (qualified) person applies, then you take it to the next level with an interview (and maybe even subsequent interviews), is it too much to ask that you either call or send a letter to let the applicant know (in a professional manner, of course) that you are still interested but your HR operates at a snail’s pace or that a more qualified applicant got the position, but you appreciate the interest?


The Bicentennial in Gulfport was amazing. It is wonderful that thousands came with families to celebrate. The bus rides for handicapped people was a marvelous idea. Please do that for other events, such as parades. It is hard to drive and find parking in heavy traffic. They and senior citizens enjoy it as we do. It is not fair for shut-ins when our city is putting on the Ritz. Also, have a seating section for handicapped and senior citizens for celebrations, so all can see with seats in front and standing in the back. Thanks, Gulfport party organization, volunteers, Sun Herald, WLOX for the information. The weather was beautiful.

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