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Sound Off for March 27: An idea for Swingster property

The old Swingster building, used after Hurricane Katrina to house volunteers who traveled to Ocean Springs to help rebuild, will be razed to make room for new development.
The old Swingster building, used after Hurricane Katrina to house volunteers who traveled to Ocean Springs to help rebuild, will be razed to make room for new development.

Not all sell out

The recent health care battle shows us that not all Republicans are willing to sell us out.

Can’t handle it

My husband is lying in his recliner suffering from an bad migraine. This came about by a nasty neighbor who left her two boys in the SUV with the driver’s window down and bass music blasting out. We did not call police as she was going to leave, and by the time police arrive, it is either turned way down or the person is gone. Plus, all the officer says is, “I have to hear it.” Well, he cannot, as they can see him turn on our street. We have sent numerous certified letters of complaint to the landlord but he does not bother to contact us. We are (among others on the street) senior citizens in our 60s to mid 70s and have different health issues. Please, something has to be done. I am so afraid that one day the migraine will be so bad that I will need to call 911.

Swingster idea

The Swingster property (E.R. Moore plant) in Ocean Springs is owned by Jackson County. Its highest and best use would be as a parking lot to assure the further growth of North Government Street. The lack of parking continues to be a problem in Ocean Springs in general and this county-owned property could help alleviate that problem as well as serve as anchor for development in and around North Government Street. Paid parking?

It’s your library

In the matter of keeping our libraries open in Hancock County, how often have I heard, "I hope THEY keep the libraries open." As Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and he is us!" One of the most important duties of our elected board of supervisors is to represent the will of those they represent. If you want them to keep libraries open, then speak up. If supervisors don’t represent you well, then elect someone else.

Don’t ignore flag

I was initially impressed by the article in the Sun Herald on the millennials in our state Legislature until I got to the part where they decided to bypass the flag issue and focus on economic development. What is it that they don’t understand? Mississippi is doomed economically until the flag comes down. The state may attract companies seeking cheap labor, but as long as the flag is the logo of our state, we are not going to prosper into the future. And the best and brightest in our colleges and universities are not going to stay home. And that is Reality 101.

Slow train coming

Is there a number to call about CSX blocking the roadway today in Ocean Springs with a long, slow moving train that was easily 20 minutes or more to move? It is affecting work.

Thank you

Dear political editor Paul Hampton, your editorial “I hope there is a political storm headed toward Congress,” published in this Sunday's edition, is exactly the kind of journalism that “tells the truth” (to power and everyone else) and that "shames the devil.” I, and Walt Whitman, and the environment, thank you.

Contain my excitement

This is to all you guys out there with a wife who amasses plastic containers and the trials you encounter when trying to match a container with the proper lid. I feel your pain.

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