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Sound Off for March 26: Money talks

The Biloxi Shuckers take on the Mobile Bay Bears at a sold out MGM Park during the first home game on Saturday, June 6, 2015.
The Biloxi Shuckers take on the Mobile Bay Bears at a sold out MGM Park during the first home game on Saturday, June 6, 2015.

The good life

An honest living shouldn’t have anything to do with money.

Money talks

Regarding the price of baseball stadiums, the answer is MGM had $31 million more it was willing to spend on what has been labeled as the “Best Minor League Facility” by MLB. Go Shuckers!

Adage doesn’t fit

First, Donald Trump is not keeping our friends close. He has insulted, antagonized and alienated them. Second, Russia is not an enemy to Trump, as he has constantly praised Vladimir Putin as a wonderful leader, etc.

Mud lumps redux

Jackson County sold the first mud lumps — Singing River Island — to the Navy for millions.

All are affected

What many people do not realize is if Obamacare had been repealed it would affects everybody, not just people who were on the marketplace insurance. It is health-care law that dictates what the insurance companies can and cannot do to you, the consumer. And portions of it also address Medicaid and Medicare. So if it were ever repealed, things would go back exclusions for pre-existing conditions, Medicare donut holes, lifetime caps on coverage, insurers refusing coverage, canceling your policy, charging women more than men, etc. The ACA has helped ALL of us, it is NOT facing a death spiral, but it could use a few tweaks — something the GOP doesn’t want you to know. Don’t fall for the lies.

Let’s work together

We know Obamacare needs to be fixed. We’d help you fix it if you’d stop screaming repeal and replace. Now that you’ve failed, the next stop on the road to ‘fix’ is single payer. Time for health insurers to become extinct. There’s no home in modern democracies for market-based health care.


Hats off to those Republican congress members who refused to pass a flawed bill for political expediency. Just to check “done” on their campaign-promise list, the president and most of their colleagues were prepared to do harm to the public. The only good idea was to allow insurers to work across state lines. It can be applied to the existing ACA, which needs help in that area. Lack of competition is driving up costs.

Chilling thought

Can you imagine the mess we’d be in now if the Republicans had just repealed Obamacare first, as many wanted to do, and then the replacement action failed to advance as it has now done?

Good ear

I’m not sure which ads you are talking about but I’d like to know how you can hear the difference between your and you’re. Maybe incredibly unreliable closed captioning?

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