Sound Off

Sound Off for March 25: Are the Walkers fighting a losing battle?

Scott and Trinity Walker at the Ocean Springs Board of Aldermen meeting Feb. 22.
Scott and Trinity Walker at the Ocean Springs Board of Aldermen meeting Feb. 22. File

Bigger B&B

The Walkers should buy the old Swingster property and put a big bed-and-breakfast there. Probably better chance to have one there than the losing battle they’re in now.

What’s underneath

In response to a March 23 Sound Off: It is not the height or size of the vehicle that causes it to hang up on a crossing. It is the height and length of the undercarriage, plus anything attached to it, and the angle of the approach from the road to the crossing.

Funding fun

Can’t afford a spring break vacation for your family? That’s OK. You are spending millions for the Trumps to have a great one.

Find a flag man

Ocean Springs police, I know how much you love to write tickets, but do something about the sidewalk placement on Government Street. Three times today west of Heron Bayou, one-lane traffic and no flag man — deadly!

Try digital converter

For those of you AT&T/Raycom blocked from receiving ABC and CBS networks, you can connect via a digital converter and home antenna to view March Madness and your other favorites.

Pothole problems

Gulfport: I had a blowout on Canal Road as my car was enveloped by ever-growing potholes on this neglected, busy thoroughfare. How about a patchwork or 10?

Tragedy in making

I sure hope the state puts more signs on the new Round Island. “Danger, Construction Area” and “Keep Off” are not enough. People, being people, will not think twice about trespassing. A tragedy in the making.

Car IS not for lapdogs

If you would get that dog out of your lap, you would find it much easier to reach around the steering wheel to your turn-signal lever. Not only will your dog be safer, we all will be.

Polls not perfect

Does anyone really believe the polls about President Trump’s approval rating? Just remember what those polls said about the election. They were wrong, wrong, wrong.

Big and greedy

Schools act like corporations — big and greedy.

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