Sound Off

Sound Off for March 22: President Trump takes a lot of vacations

Trump has spent about 16 hours traveling on Air Force One and Marine One, the presidential helicopter.
Trump has spent about 16 hours traveling on Air Force One and Marine One, the presidential helicopter. AP

Hey, big spender

In replying to “Trump is better”: You may think Trump has done more in two months than President Obama did in eight years. I agree. He has spent more taxpayer dollars on vacations for his entire family in two months than Obama did in eight years. More vacations, also.

Super sleuthing

Can someone tell me why the FBI was involved in finding the Super Bowl jersey of Tom Brady, and how much it cost the taxpayers?

Government program

Regarding the front page of the Sun Herald March 18: Public education is not a family; it’s a government entitlement program.

Out of the shadows

It has come to my attention that the sore losers, the Democrats, have formed a so-called “shadow cabinet” to “rebut the Trump administration’s statements, actions and tweets in real time.” Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “shadow” as an imperfect and faint representative; a very small amount of something; and “a source of gloom or unhappiness.” Now, is there any more that needs to be said about this “shadow cabinet”?

Read it first

One thing I like about the new health-care bill is Republicans are not lying to the American people to try to pass it and have actually read it before presenting it.

Hot wheels

I read with interest the Sound Off of the family observing the way people were driving on their trip to Baton Rouge. You do not have to get on a major highway to witness this. I have been retired for a number of years and I give thanks daily that I no longer have to travel the roads taking the working people to work and back. I am convinced most of the commuters live at least 30 minutes from work but give themselves only 15 minutes to make the drive. I live on a county road fronting a subdivision; the road is narrow and hilly with a double yellow line, but this means nothing to those traveling the road. There are three streets leaving the subdivision. Most cars leaving in the morning have only one occupant who is normally on the phone (who do they have to talk to 2 minutes from home?), but they can can reach speeds of 50 mph and pass several cars before they reach the the main southbound road, 1 mile travel distance. When they turn onto the southbound road to town, it really gets exciting!

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