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Sound Off for March 21: Let’s use the green space at Gulfport’s harbor

Families walk through Jones Park on the first night of the Gulfport Harbor Lights Winter Festival last year.
Families walk through Jones Park on the first night of the Gulfport Harbor Lights Winter Festival last year. SUN HERALD FILE

Weekend I-12 races

This past weekend my wife and I drove to Baton Rouge for a family crawfish boil and were entertained both going and returning. We got to see daredevil driving at speeds too fast to estimate, cars cutting into a lane with little more than a car length spacing, cars in the far left lane cutting across three lanes just before exiting the interstate, and possibly the most amazing feat was that many were using their cellphone at the time! Wow, what a show.

Not your kind of job

The Mississippi Gaming Commission’s ruling on the two proposed casino sites follows the law and its intent. The information was studied and evaluated, and the only correct response was given to the public. For the writer of “My kind of job,” it is suggested you do more reading starting with MGC Rules and then HB 45.

Not just casinos

The front page of the Sunday paper shows how much can be offered for entertainment to all ages. Not only casinos but bowling, trampoline parks, beaches, fishing, arcades, etc. That’s good solid business development. Keep going.

Underused green space

Gulfport has a $45 million wide-open green space at the harbor that is sorely underused as it is, especially for the cost paid.

Pursue your happiness

The government does not feed you. It only guarantees your right to feed yourself. There is no right to happiness, only the right to pursue it. The real un-American is the one who sits by and expects others to support him.

Rosy path had thorns

I object to being called un-American. Eight years ago, President Obama started leading us down a rosy path. I gave him a chance. We received for his chance: higher national debt, lost income on retirement accounts, punishment for not buying his insurance and lots of broken promises. If your medicine tastes bitter, try a spoonful of sugar.

Believing tweets

How very sad that so many people will believe Donald Trump’s tweets rather than what journalists write and say. He has managed to convince them that anyone who questions or disagrees with him is either “disgusting” or writing fake news. Our forefathers understood the value of a free press. The Donald certainly does not.

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