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Sound Offs for March 20: Yes for our beach!

Scenes from the beach
Scenes from the beach

Why not close Main Street crossing?

Am I hearing this right? Biloxi has a dangerous train crossing at the Main Street crossing — it’s too steep. The plan is to close seven other crossings but not Main Street. Isn’t that going to funnel more people to having to use the dangerous crossing?

Yes for our beach!

This is in response to the editorial on Harrison County looking ahead to sand beach replenishment, stating if we want to grow as a tourist destination we need a good-looking beach. I agree wholeheartedly. So whoever is in charge of beach cleanup the day after July 4 needs to plan now. Many days after July 4, the beach is filthy and gross. Trash cans overflowing, dirty diapers on the ground, bottles broken, trash and debris everywhere. It stays like that for days. Please plan now to have our beach cleaned up the next morning before daylight.

Keep investigating

Why would anyone want the investigation into the Russian influence of our election to “go away?” Whether or not you support the president, this must be followed to its conclusion, one way or the other. The old saying, “Ignorance is bliss” does in no way fit this situation.

Voucher fan

I agree with the “happy about school voucher” writer. I, too, thank President Trump for caring about the education of Mississippi’s children. Sun Herald, please keep us informed about these vouchers.

Hard work pays

Rather than being angry at Wall Street for bonuses, why don’t you join them. It is a free country. Rather than wanting them to make less, you should follow their path and make more yourself. Education, hard work, dedication and, of course, a little luck is all you need.

Tip for Congress

The only way I know to make sure Congress puts together the best healthcare plan is to require those in Congress to be on the same plan.

A better plan

Health care will never be affordable as long as Wall Street and huge corporations have their greedy fingers in the pie. Our government through Medicare, Medicaid and military programs already assumes the burden for higher-risk people. Medicare For All would spread its benefits along with its tax burden to all of us. Results: A fairer, more caring system with less paperwork, anxiety, bankruptcy, anger and resentment.

Trump is better

I read that some Democrats are still whining about their defeat last November. I personally think that President Trump has done more to benefit this country in the past two months than our last president did in eight years.

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