Sound Off

Sound off for Feb. 9: Faulty logic


Fact check

Please check your facts on the presidential “vacation.” He had several meetings and took or made many phone calls while in Florida. Just because he is not in D.C. does not mean the internet and phones were shut down. I doubt he was just “vacationing.”

What we need

As a self-identifying liberal, I am thankful for the confirmation of Betsy DeVos. We want and need more government intervention and reliance and this is what is needed to bring about a turnaround in our education system.

Faulty logic

Palazzo is daydreaming to think Mississippi can afford to take on its own Environmental Protection Agency, because it can’t even fully fund its schools. Surely our children should come first.

Bad timing

My Palazzo calls always come at suppertime, and I hang up. Why let my supper get cold for his convenience? For heaven’s sake, he should know better.

What if

Just think how boring the world would be if Hillary Clinton had been elected.

Bless you

I’m 87 years old and don’t get around very well without my walker. Today, about noon, my driver friend and I arrived at a restaurant on Pass Road during one of Mississippi’s famous rain showers. While getting out of the car, a fellow about 18 to 22 years old and dressed in dark trousers and a white shirt approached and walked with me with an umbrella to the entrance of the restaurant. I just want to bring attention to our good people who are out there ready to help others. May God bless the young man.

Fix this

Come on, Ocean Springs, stop hauling in truckload after truckload after truckload of sand and dumping it into Biloxi Bay until you fix the drains and the rain runoff that is causing most the erosion of the beach. This continuing action has adversely affected the ecology of the north side of the Bay from the Ocean Springs Harbor entrance to the mouth of Old Fort Bayou. Please stop ignoring this situation and correct it.

Our strength

The Sun Herald stated court documents show 200 of the Fortune 500 companies were started by immigrants or children of immigrants. This has always been true and we should realize born in America doesn’t have to mean a line back 100 years. Immigrants bring energy and a drive to succeed that might be missing in some who have always lived the good life in America, and we should continue to be a religious freedom country.

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