Sound Off

Sound off for Feb. 7: Great show!


Have a nice day

This is in reply to “I’m the one you love to hate.” I don’t hate you. I just feel very sorry for you. Have a nice day.


Can anyone explain how, after two weeks on a job, someone gets/deserves a vacation? What president in history ever did this?

Me, too

Mayor Gilich, I too get all choked up about the way Biloxi used to be — and compared with how it is now, I miss the way it was.

Out of the road

To “safe to walk”: I’ll say it again, the roads were built for vehicles, not pedestrians. If you’re not smart enough to get out of a vehicle’s way, then, oh well. I see that you’re the type who dares to be hit. I’m the type who will brush you back. Stay out of the road.

Hard to believe

The Sound Off complaining about disability only protecting up to $75,000 in income was hard to believe. Don’t know if this person is drawing disability and has other income that goes over $75,000 or just has income over $75,000 and is disabled. But the majority of people in this state would be thrilled to just have close to $75,000 income, disabled or not. By the way, I am sympathetic to all disabled persons.


After making the newspaper on page one twice recently, I hope the mayor of Ocean Springs will read the excellent opinion in the Feb. 1 Sun Herald. The title is “free speech not a protection for getting fired for offensive posts.” If firing the mayor is not an option, perhaps impeachment or not re-electing her are alternatives.

Great show!

Uplifting halftime. I am a 61-year-old woman and thoroughly enjoyed the half-time show while watching the Super Bowl. What a way to reach all generations — good music, energetic performance, acrobatic stunts, patriotic songs, special effects that accented the performance (didn’t overwhelm it) and decent costumes. As a former elementary school teacher, for once I did not feel embarrassed for young children in the viewing audience to see the half-time show. This is how you entertain with integrity — thank you, Lady Gaga!

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