Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 6: Don’t dam the Pascagoula

The Pascagoula River winds through George County before making its way to Jackson County.
The Pascagoula River winds through George County before making its way to Jackson County. File

Free flowing

No damned dam on the Pascagoula River!

Safe place to walk

To “Not a playground”: You’re correct, the streets are not a playground, but there are people that go for walks with their children, dogs and family. It is their right to walk on the road and not in ditches, yards, etc. How can you push a stroller in people’s yards? I live in a subdivision where people fly through it, and I’m waiting for the tragic day someone gets hit. Even buses fly through our small street. I’m tired of it!

Nice save

On our walk around Crossroads, we found had locked our keys in the car. Thanks to Crossroads Security and Champion Towing of Ocean Springs we were back in our car in less than an hour. We even finished our walk.

Teeth of the problem

I doubt a border wall would be very effective except for seniors that can’t climb a ladder. A better idea and much cheaper would be to fill the Rio Grande with alligators! OUCH!

Good judgement

Finally, thank God, finally a federal judge unafraid to lose his job has stepped forward and put a stop to the Trump unconstitutional ban on immigration. I pray that now more clear-thinking and patriotic people in the House and Senate follow his lead and speak up.

Equal treatment

Giving a traffic ticket to a driver in the left lane going below the speed limit is OK provided you give a ticket to the driver in the right lane going above the speed limit.

Not playing

Obviously, there is a lack of urban parks. Furthermore, there is a lack of basketball courts.

Breaking already?

A vacation already? Come on, Donald!

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