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Sound Off for Feb. 5: Phil Bryant should have let Obamacare work in Mississippi

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant
Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant Associated Press File

A taxing problem

I am disabled. My taxes rose $200 in one year and when I asked why, I was told I am only disabled up to $75,000. After that, I am not. I would like to meet the person who dreamed up this law. I read in the paper they want to put three more casinos here. Why are our taxes steadily going up, and they keep building more and more casinos? When are the people of Mississippi going to get a break on taxes? Somebody is making money somewhere. We need leaders who care about the people instead of lining their pockets.

Lest we forget

I just read someone said Trump was putting Americans back to work. What do they think Obama did? He cut the unemployment rate in half and had more than 70 straight months of job growth. That is putting Americans back to work. How soon we forget or won’t justify.

Shouldn’t be needed

The free medical clinic that is struggling to stay open should no longer even need to exist. When Obamacare started, Gov. Bryant opted out of a large part of it. This part is called Medicaid Expansion, and the federal government offered it to the states for free at first. Bryant said Mississippi couldn’t afford it because after a few years, the state would have to pick up less than 10 percent of it. Because he refused it, many people are not covered at all. There is no need for free health clinics in the states that have full Obamacare because everyone is covered.

Fake news is criminal

It is time to eliminate fake news. Congress should pass a law making it a severe punishment to use fake news. The punishment should be financial and criminal. Fake news can destroy people’s reputations and even lead to wars.

Violent protest is criminal

There is nothing wrong with peacefully protesting. The problem is violent protest that destroys property and injures people. Violent protesters should be arrested, prosecuted and if found guilty, sent to prison for a long time.

Needless death

A man has four DUIs and is only convicted after a woman was killed when he hit the car she was riding in. That is wrong. Her death was needless. He should never have been behind the wheel. Something needs to be done about drunken drivers. Will he serve the 25 years he was given or will he get out and kill someone else?

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