Sound Off

Sound off for Feb. 4: Free speech?


Not a playground

To “don’t speed on my street”: Streets are made for cars, not kids, so keep your kids out of the street and they will be safe.

Original intent?

I do not think that Shakespeare implied in his quote, “To thine own self be true,” that he was suggesting “even if it infringes upon others’ rights.”

Free speech?

Yet again the far left proves that free speech is great unless you have a different opinion from them.

Natural citizens

Build a wall to keep the bears out? Who could be so phobic as to want to prevent the bears from entering our state? They aren’t bringing in guns or drugs. They don’t want our jobs. And they are natural-born Americans. Now, Falcons, Panthers and Bucs, yes.

Faulty logic

Building a wall to keep bears from entering Mississippi is a bad analogy. Bears are legal residents of this country.

Bad idea

Biloxi’s plan of a boardwalk brings back unpleasant memories of the pre-Katrina boardwalk. My family members were present in our Pass Christian beachfront family home and were eyewitnesses during Katrina as the previous boardwalk slammed into and broke it open, contributing to its total destruction. Our home on Pass Christian’s Second Street had large pieces of boardwalk sitting inside where the boardwalk had broken open the back of the house. And take a ride along the beach to see all the boardwalk inflicted scars on the beautiful Live oaks, the ones lucky enough to survive. Since future hurricanes are inevitable, it’s interesting that Biloxi thinks a boardwalk is such a great idea.

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