Sound Off

Sound Off: Sun Herald storyteller shows us that love conquers all

Not enough

This was my fourth week passing by the same exact trash sitting along the medians in east Ocean Springs. Called City Hall to be given contact info for my local alderman. No response from him after a phone call, personal Facebook message and email. What does it take? The medians and all along Deana Road are the worst I’ve ever seen. Is litter only to be picked up when the city workers prepare to cut the grass for the day? That’s it? Just that once? Because that’s not enough.

Great story

It was so uplifting to see on the front page, Jan. 29, such an uplifting and inspirational story that demonstrates true love. I am so weary of the negative attitude in our culture and really needed to read such an endearing story. My heart was warmed and my congratulations go out to Doug and Dinah Heller for a life “well lived” and a love that conquers all. Thank you, John Fitzhugh, for writing such an inspirational story. I, for one, could use more uplifting articles. Thank you for making my day.

Get on board

Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain were ineffective at resisting President Obama on anything but suddenly they are against President Trump about half the time. Most recently on his ban of refugees from certain countries where we cannot be assured of the identity of the immigrant. As a lifelong Republican, I really don’t want to hear anything from those two. I want them to support Trump.

Great storytelling

I’ve always appreciated John Fitzhugh’s powerful photography, but his front page story in Sunday’s Sun Herald about Dinah and Doug Heller highlighted his masterful storytelling. I look forward to reading more of his work.

No teeth

Go ahead and pass all the driving laws you want. Unless it’s a wreck, the Highway Patrol won’t care.

Bigger ladder

Build a 50-foot wall, and they will build 51-foot ladders.

Enforce the law

If the highway patrolman and Gulfport policeman quoted in the article about slow drivers in the left lane want to help, how about enforcing the signs about slower traffic keep right? I’m sure a few tickets for doing so would begin to encourage people to drive better.

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