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Sound off for Jan. 28: Why Mississippi needs vehicle inspection stickers

A 2015 Mississippi inspection sticker
A 2015 Mississippi inspection sticker File

System is flawed

That a person can have so many DUIs and still be out there driving around shows the major flaws in our justice system. Let’s hope with the publicity this case is getting, something serious can be done.

Complain, don’t damage

I complained about Obama for eight years, but in those eight years, I never once caused a single penny of property damage or injured anyone. That is the difference between a Republican and a Democrat.

There’s a difference

Obama used executive orders because he knew they wouldn’t pass Congress. Trump is using them to expedite and get things done. Big, big difference.

Get the slow ones

I see our state legislators are passing HB 511, which will fine people who are driving too slow in the left lane. Wow, is that needed to boost state income because they can’t catch up to those exceeding the speed limits?

All for cribbage

In response to the Sound Off about a cribbage league: Yes, I would be very interested in starting a league. How do I contact the person who posted this Sound Off on Jan. 27? Thank you.

Editor’s note: We’ll email you.

Lose weight, feel better

As I’m thinking back, there didn’t seem as many overweight people until the 1990s. I guess life quality and paychecks got good. Weight is easy on and very hard to get off once on. Exercise is a must to keep flab from bouncing, wrinkles away and to build muscle back. Young teens and adults, start now. It’s harder each year you are older. You will look and feel better not carrying an extra load. Your health will improve. Don’t smoke or use smokeless tobacco. It’s a killer. Love yourself. Take care of you. Laugh, walk, dance, sing, think happy, do good for others. Get started.

One-light worries

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed how many vehicles are on the roads with one headlight out. Could it be because we no longer need to have the inspection stickers on our cars and trucks? At least then you would know a light was out. Most people probably don’t even know their light is burned out. We saw at least 10 vehicles Wednesday night alone.

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