Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 24: Boring!



Playoffs? Playoffs? Ho hum! Wake me when they’re over.

End of lying

People don’t lie anymore. They just use “alternative facts.” Wow!

What matters

I see Trump has addressed what’s on every struggling American’s mind. How many people showed up to his party.

Viva diversity

At least the tall, left-handed redhead can reach the stuff on the top shelf. Celebrate our differences.

Fan no more

I’ve always been a fan of Meryl Streep and Ashley Judd, but they will no longer get one cent of my money. What happened to the days when big stars kept their political opinions to themselves so as not to offend those who disagreed with them?

In action

To those who demonstrated and protested the inauguration of Donald Trump: You did not make us look like a Third World country; Trump does that. You showed the world what our First Amendment looks like in practice. I salute you and thank you.

Thanks for playing

I’m happy others opted out and did not play their music in Washington. Finally got to hear decent ones you could understand. Yeah our local 3 Doors Down, Toby Keith and Lee Greenwood were fantastic and others, too. Thank y’all for showing respect to the president and America.

America first

The president spoke the truth. It’s time for people who have their heads in the sand to sit up and take their rose-colored glasses off. We have a lot of problems with our country. As he said, it’s time to make America First and great again. There’s your positive statement.

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