Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 20: Priorities

Love lefties

To “Unfair”: I am a right-handed man married to a left-handed lady and have raised two left-handed daughters. By the way, two of them are redheads. P.S. Loved every minute of it!


The reason there will only be half as many people at President Trump’s inauguration is because the others have to work.

A mess

What a total mess in Biloxi’s Division Street area and for so long. It surely has caused business losses and home and car destruction from the dust and roads.

Litter everywhere

MDOT, can you fix this? Our roads and highways are so filled with garbage and litter that once again, Mississippi gets a black eye. U.S. 49 and I-10 — gross! Mississippi 67 and 605 — pitiful! Once you get out of the coastal cities, it is litter, litter everywhere you look. If I were a tourist and saw this mess, I would turn around and tell everyone Mississippi looks like a third-world country. We live in a beautiful state — keep it clean!

Fair agreement?

In light of our latest price increase from Cable One, it is nice to know they have successfully negotiated a fair agreement with Hearst Television to keep WDSU in our lineup. I just wish we had the opportunity to negotiate a fair agreement with Cable One.


I have never understood how any president can have the power to overturn a judicial judgment. Every outgoing president does this. It isn’t fair to justice and victims.

No angels

The Republican idea to do away with the ethics department is poor. One of the Founding Fathers said, and it is as true today as then, if all men were angels, there would be no need for government.

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