Sound Off

Sound off for Jan. 13: More to come

Promise maker

It surely appears from all the Sound Off comments the anti-Trump folks are just chomping at the bit to see the president-elect fail miserably. No one can predict the future, but if Trump does not keep his promises, he will soon be thrown as shark bait by those who supported him.


So sorry to hear my old town of Gautier seems to be sliding back to where it was in the late 1990s when my good wife and I first sank roots there. Thankfully, we moved out at the right time. Poor city services, increasing crime, lack of planning and nonexistent economic growth are back again. It sure is time for some strong city leadership.

More to come

In response to “Way to go Clemson”: If you’re tired of Alabama football, you should become a fan. That quarterback is a freshman and only 18 years old. We’ll be gunning for the title for years. Roll Tide!


I’ve lived in Biloxi more than 50 years. I can remember seeing snow on the ground several times and even a thin layer of ice covering Back Bay. I have heavy coats I wore occasionally that haven’t been out of the closet for a long time. Do I believe the climate is getting warmer? Yes. And I think it’s a natural phenomenon humans can’t stop. Can they slow its progress? Hopefully. Isn’t it worth a try?


It is amazing! I’m sitting here watching the confirmation hearings and wondering how the people asking the questions can question these people’s integrity.

Happy trails

Listening to President Obama’s farewell speech reminded of this line from a country song recorded by Roy Clark: “Thank God and Greyhound you’re gone.”


I see Mississippi is short $75 million for Medicare this year. The governor opted out of the Medicare enhancements of the Affordable Care Act just to spite Obama, as did many other Republican-led states. Now that we will have a Republican president and are desperately in need of money, I wonder if Bryant will reconsider this ill-advised move.


If elected officials want to repeal the ACA so badly, why haven’t any single one of them given any thought about how to do so other than introduce a bill to simply repeal it? For something that is going to affect millions of constituents, one would think some type of plan might have been considered prior to voting on repealing it.

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