Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 10: Education starts at home

Great letter!

Your Letter to the Editor was excellent. Nothing wrong with a wonderful childhood filled with magic and innocence.

Bad decision

Bad timing on basketball and Mardi Gras in New Orleans for the same week. Already, there is not enough parking. Someone doesn’t have their thinking cap on.

Fix these

Who do we need to contact about the condition of the roads in the city of Gautier? Martin Bluff Road, Dolphin Road and several others need paving. They are full of potholes. Filling them in is not a solution. Can we get something done here?

Starts at home

I am writing to comment “Falling Behind” in Monday’s Sound off. What I found appealing about it was that it was pointing out something we should all be deeply concerned about while remaining apolitical in tone. I hope that it is the beginning of a conversation that may produce a logical path to solution. I believe however that until the residents of Mississippi value education, nothing will change. An excellent education is available to those who seek it now. I have known many of our youth who are excelling in college with a public education. The difference perhaps begins at home. This of course is a much more difficult problem to solve.


Once in a great while, I venture out and drive over to Gulfport and Biloxi. In my travels, I always marvel at the great engineering which was accomplished on their roads. Without a doubt, a lot of time, thought, and many hours of calculations were expended in making sure the “Manholes” for the city’s sewer lines were exactly lined up to the width of automobiles’ tire measurements. This would ensure the driver must run over every one of the manhole covers. This design, by the way, had to have specified in the drawings, that each and every manhole cover would be installed below finished grade level or a couple of inches above grade level to ensure a bumpy ride for motorists. Maybe the project engineer for the job owned a garage that specialized in vehicle alignment and repair? You think?

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