Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 4: Don’t forget about Orange Grove

Happy days

Ethics rules about conflicts of interest do not apply to the new Republican Congress or president. That worked out so well the last time the Republicans had control of the entire government, in 1928. Happy days for a year or so. Enjoy!

Speak up, OG

As I drove on Dedeaux Road last weekend, I couldn’t help but reflect back to the days after Katrina when all we heard from the Gulfport administration was “Thank God for Orange Grove.” Now that Katrina is far behind us, we have been forgotten. Dedeaux Road from Cowan to Three Rivers is a deplorable and congested two-lane road full of potholes that has a very large traffic count. To widen Courthouse Road ahead of Dedeaux is purely politics and the residents of Orange Grove should speak up. After all, this is an election year.


The Electoral College ensures diversity and inclusiveness. How brilliant were the founders when setting up our democratic republic.


The new Republicans in Congress are voting to strip ethics laws. Republicans don’t want ethics laws? Go figure!


I am so tired and disgusted that every time President Obama goes home to Hawaii or plays golf, it somehow is tax dollars paying for it. I am sure these same people never said one word the many many times George Bush spent in Texas on “vacation.” And we now have a wife of an incoming president who will not live in the White House and taxpayers will foot the millions it will cost to keep her and her son under the Secret Service but not a peep from those who think President Obama is wasting taxpayers’ dollars.

Real independence

I had a friend tell me he thinks Independence Day should be moved to Jan. 20 as it will become the real Independence Day when President Donald J. Trump is sworn in.

The best!

Once again, the SEC football teams have proven to be quicker and slicker than the bump, grunt and a cloud of dust Big Ten teams.

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