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Sound Off for Jan. 3: Dave Barry a terrific way to start 2017

Dave barry with Today weatherman Al Roker
Dave barry with Today weatherman Al Roker

Not unusual

When a U.S. president is on vacation, he or she is responsible for personal expenses. Obama is responsible for his, just as Bush was for his and Trump will be. Of course, friends and donors pay for most of it.

Laughing in 2017

Thanks a million Sun Herald For publishing Dave Barry’s Article “Year In Review 2016” in The Insight section on Jan. 1. What a terrific way to start the new year! Dave Barry has a remarkable sense of humor as this article proves. Somehow Mr. Barry has taken the accounts of the year 2016 which many have been happy to bid goodbye and turn these events into something to make me laugh. Here’s hoping 2017 will be filled with laughter.

Impossible intersection

To the Sound Off writer complaining about the intersection of Beach Boulevard and U.S. 90, please be informed that they are the same road. It’s impossible for them to intersect.

First boats

Please be advised that gambling on the Mississippi Coast did not start with the riverboats, The Diamond Lady and the Emerald Lady. Gambling started with the Europa Star in 1988, followed by the Pride of Mississippi and the Southern Elegance in 1989. The LA Cruise opened up to cruises in Dec. 1989, followed by the Biloxi Belle.

Taxable income

The Obamas pay for their own food in the White House and out. The Secret Service pays rent on Trump’s plane, Trump Tower, estate, etc., plus protection for his four jet-set children. The RNC paid for his events in his hotels. Including paraphernalia sales, Trump made a fortune on his campaign. The sky’s the limit for his presidency, even though he says he won’t take the salary. Duh! It’s taxable income.

Party line

Sure would be nice to read articles that expound both the good and bad of our presidents. It’s so sad to read Jay Ambrose who seems to write whatever Fox News says. He sees things as his political party tells him to. I’m sure he will have a hard time trying to find only good in the Trump years. Maybe he will quote Trumps tweets as they might be the best he can get.

Real swamp

The leftist view of draining the swamp misses the mark. The best-qualified people are filling Trump’s cabinet. Remember all those who helped him get elected who were supposed to be shoe-ins for cabinet positions and then were not? That was the old way, cabinet selections were paybacks. Those selected by Trump are required NOT to become lobbyists after leaving office. That’s new. Currently, people in office get wealthy either while in office or immediately upon leaving. That’s the swamp.

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