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Sound Off for Dec. 30: Gulfport bait shop should be near launch ramps

The city of Gulfport is looking for a new tenant for the bait shop at Gulfport harbor, formerly known as The Tackle Box.
The city of Gulfport is looking for a new tenant for the bait shop at Gulfport harbor, formerly known as The Tackle Box.

Great idea!

What a great way to dispose Christmas trees in Harrison County. Instead of taking the trees to the street, these trees will continue to spread joy. I hope Jackson County will take a look at this plan and will implement the same program.

On the road

Pat Kemp is right. We do owe our truck drivers a debt of gratitude. When the rest of us are home at night watching TV, these guys are on the road working. God bless them!

Bad idea

More nukes in more nations around the world is such a bad idea in every way. For one thing, a rogue nation or group will have more chances to get one and start a real nuclear war. Someone better tell Trump before it’s too late.

Fishermen’s rights

Councilman Dombrowski is right — the bait shop should be near the launch ramps on the north side of the harbor. Putting it on a barge is an excellent idea. The bait shop in Pass Christian is on a barge. It’s time fishermen were given a little consideration since we are taxpayers, too. We have to walk a block just to park our vehicle after launching our boat. Having the bait shop near the ramps would certainly be appreciated.

Respect for others

To be perfectly clear, everyone is free to say “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays” or whatever season greeting they like. Those of us who say “Happy Holidays” do so out of respect for other peoples’ religions, especially to those we do not know well. Respect for others’ beliefs, especially religion, is one of my core values.

Who’s a whiner?

Whiners? If enduring whiners is what you desire, look no farther than the behavior of red states these past eight years. The whiners of red states have votes worth hundreds of times more than the voters of California and New York, yet the conservatives never shut up. Pathetic!


People with varying political ideologies live in every state, city and county in the U.S. Every person’s vote should count regardless of where they reside. The Electoral College is an outdated and flawed system in our modern world that is no longer needed. Among other reasons, it was formed as a limitation on direct democracy as were state legislators appointing senators and banning women and slaves from voting. Just as those limitations have been abolished or amended, it is time for the Electoral College to also be abolished or amended to better represent the people.

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