Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 29, 2016: Hiller Park a wonderful family asset

JOHN FITZHUGH/SUN HERALDIn honor of Earth Day, a Children's Spring Garden Planting event will begin at 9 a.m. at Hiller Park Renaissance Garden in Biloxi.
JOHN FITZHUGH/SUN HERALDIn honor of Earth Day, a Children's Spring Garden Planting event will begin at 9 a.m. at Hiller Park Renaissance Garden in Biloxi. SUN HERALD


Enough already, you bunch of whiny losers. The Electoral College is here to stay. Take your participation trophy and go home.


Every year I pass the power company on the way to mom’s on Christmas morning and every year there is at least one tree already there for recycling. Who wakes up and takes the tree for recycling before noon on Christmas Day?


For those that know very little about the history of the outdated Electoral College, every vote should count, and with the Electoral College used, all votes are not counted. Eliminating the Electoral College would do away with battleground states that seem to be the same ones every election. Candidates would have to equally show up in every state to get votes, which only seems fair.

Hiller Park

I wrote and called for years about Hiller Park. Finally, Dixie Newman got donations and held events for funding. It got left out after Katrina, and it should have been the first park renewed. It’s the oldest and has lots of traffic flow. It could be a great place on the back side in the bay to have boat slips, a pier for fishing with a bait shop and a small dining place. For children, there could be a snowball stand in summer, a playground and picnics. It needs to be fenced. It is really close to the street area. It is a wonderful family asset. As you call Biloxi powers that be, hopefully they will find money to do more. It will be a beautiful park.

Truth and lies

Heading of “White lies” in Sound Off: Mark Twain said a lie will get around the world before the truth hits the ground. Would you rather give your child a hope and dreams or let them think you’re a loser with no funds for gifts? Others helping? I’d say that’s a Santa. If your child or loved one was dying, wouldn’t you speak words of hope and healing over them or would you give them gloom in their last moment? Out of our mouth, lies don’t always come. Watch actions. They speak loud and clear. Many dance around the truth. Tradition doesn’t make it a lie. Church tells the truth when teaching the Bible. Jesus, we don’t see, He is here!

Pay attention!

To all the drivers along the roads here on the Gulf who are as thick in the head as the fog we are experiencing and aren’t using their headlights: If you’re going to run into another vehicle or a pedestrian and kill someone because you don’t have the sense to occasionally get off that phone and look for your headlight switch while driving through soup, what good is that vehicle if you’re sitting in jail or prison for negligence or vehicular manslaughter? Same brainless drivers, different day. Some things will never change.

Important issues

Another law? Do we really need another law so we can celebrate Christmas or say Merry Christmas to another person? I would rather our representatives work on our needs for schools or seniors.

Not enough

A $1,000 fine and one year in jail is not just punishment for the most hideous act of pouring boiling water on that beautiful black and white cat. What kind of deranged mind could do that? I think the punishment should be tenfold.

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