Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 27: Thanks to companies for helping stranded driver

Even system

Hard to believe some folks think we should get rid of Electoral College. Don’t they realize the high-population centers would run the country? Smaller states would not have any say.

Democracy killer

The days when a vituperative minority can thwart the will of the majority must be ended. The Electoral College is a malignancy which has never shown any redeeming value. It exists for whose sake? Its members do not deserve our trust. It is a democracy killer.

River flow

Damming the Pascagoula River. I am appalled at the lies from our supervisors to do this only for Chevron. I am a ship captain. The river in town is governed by ocean tides not river flow. Stop this madness.

The real expert

Please tell me how we are returning to the principles embodied in the Constitution? We just had a constitutional lawyer and teacher for our president for eight years who understood the Constitution, and now we will have a president that needs to be taught the Constitution. Exactly what are you talking about?

White lies

It is no wonder we grow up to be liars. Christmas and Santa Claus and other lies we insist on telling to every new generation continues to perpetuate lying and deceit. When will we finally begin to be honest, raising children who respect the truth.

Good deed

While fresh in my memory, I can’t say thanks enough to Johnson Collision Center and Coast Battery Specialist. Taking a wrong turn, I ended up on a road that wasn’t familiar. My car decided to die. Didn’t have a phone with me. Needless to say it was dark, panic set in, no traffic. Both companies stopped and offered help, got me on my way, along with directions. I will pay forward your kindness. Thank you, I made it home

Call the arborist

Check what Asplundh the butcher left of the previous beautiful oak at the Broad Avenue entrance to Memorial Hospital at Gulfport’s garage. Where is the city’s arborist?

Heartbreaking tale

On the couple in Florida with their five children living in car at Wal-Mart, taking baths at parks, something is missing to this story. To me, it sounds like parents trying to hold their family together after losing everything. Why would police want to arrest them and take their children instead of finding them shelter? Unless drugs were involved, it makes no sense. The parents may have been looking for food. I hope someone will give them help. How heartbreaking.

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